Email Notifications No Longer Sent After Upgrade


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After upgrading to Performance Management r3.7.12, it was observed e-mails are no longer received.  Prior to the upgrade emails were working.


The SsoConfig setting were somehow changed.


Run the SsoConfig script and verify the setting are correct.  Also try sending an email from the CAPC server using telnet or something similar.  This will help to determine if the issue is with CAPC or the environment.  

Additional Information

To troubleshoot email issues, we can turn on debug, please perform the following steps: 

  1. Go to http://PC_HOST:8181/pc/center/admin/debug
  2. Login with admin  / admin password
  3. Follow the links to the Device Manager logging runtime configuration. Add/Update a logging category - enter the following names for categories and set the log level from INHERITED to TRACE, then click Add.
  4. Email dashboard report and collect the /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/DM/logs/DMService.log.
  5. Remember to change the values back once finished.
  6. If required open a support case with Broadcom and upload DMService.log and state the time you sent the test email.