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Create Baseline (project) has disappeared from the Task Action Menu after another action was added to the Task Menu


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The "Create Baseline" (project Baseline) has disappeared from the Task (list) Action menu after a new Task Action item was added to the Task (List) Action view.

How do we get it back there again?

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log into to Clarity PPM
  2. Go to Administration / Objects / Task
  3. Go to Views tab
  4. In Task List --> click on Actions Menu
  5. Click on General
  6. Add a new Action : for example, New Department
  7. Save and return
  8. Go to Home/Projects
  9. Open a project
  10. Click on Tasks tab
  11. Hover mouse over Actions (top right)

Expected Results: The Actions menu includes items Copy Task from Template, Create Baseline, Update Cost Total and New Department

Actual Results: The Actions menu no longer contains item Create Baseline .


This was analyzed by Engineering through DE51849 and decided that the scenario explained will not be fixed as it is a delicate product area where code changes could introduce some undesired side effects.


Any Clarity release


To workaround the problem the Task List view will need to be restored to defaults.

Go to Administration > Studio > Views

Filter by Task object views

Select the view and Restore Defaults

NOTE: This will add the missing actions back to the menu, but will also restore user list views to default.



Additional Information

If for some reason you want the Create Baseline action back but do not want the other items available on the Task Actions, you can add the action to the project Actions or just baseline from the baseline page.

On the task page you will still be able to Update Baseline, but the Create Baseline action will not be available.