AXA using 2 simultaneous collectors
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AXA using 2 simultaneous collectors


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When using AXA to monitor external (outside the customer DMZ) end users, an external collector is configured that allows public access.

When monitoring internal users also that have no public access, only to the AXA server (within the DMZ) it requires both AXA's collector and the external collector.

The profile.json file that contains the collectorURL field that is retrieved from the database is one only field.

Are there separate profile.json files created per application or are they dynamic?

in case they are dynamic, is there a way to use different collectors simultaneously for the 2 type of users (internal/external) or even per application (profile.json).


Release : 17.3




As suggested in the description, the URL information is taken from the database and that configuration only contains one version, either external or internal URLs

In AXA, different apps do have different data profiles depending on what data needs to be collected, but the URL information is the same across all apps.


To point to the opposite (internal or external) of what is configured in the database, snippets and plists need to be updated manually with the equivalent hostnames that can be used.

Make sure the correct protocol and port is used along with it (for example port 7081 for the internal collector) and test that the BA.js / profile information can be loaded in a browser before committing the configuration.