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How to create custom error pages for Compliance Event Manager Tomcat


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Compliance Event Manager


How to create a custom error page to address any type of HTTP 404 Not Found condition in the Compliance Event Manager Tomcat.
As previously documented in Article 192752, a custom error page when //Host:xxxx/ was entered and a Http 404 not found condition occurred.  However, when the address adds the additional //host:xxxx/xxx the custom page is no longer provided, but instead, the default 404 'not found' page from the browser.  What process can accommodate both types of 404 Not Found conditions?



Release : 6.0



The following process will provide a custom error page (as defined in the index.jsp member) for any 404 'Not Found' condition for the Compliance Event Manager Tomcat.  

1)  Edit the CEMETOM stc JCL DD 'highlevel.CUSTOM.CFGLIB(CEMESRVX) ' member adding the following line after the similar line:
       unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="false" >

Note: You should see at least one valve statement.  Add a new valve statement (for example): 

<Valve errorCode.404="/u/CEM60/cai/cacem/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/index.jsp" />

(This is the full path to the index.jsp file that contains the custom message you want to appear upon the 404 'Not Found' condition.)

2) Restart the CEMETOM stc (CEM Tomcat)     

All 404 errors will now display what is in index.jsp member.