Devices with extremely large configurtion sizes are not being backed up in NCM using SSH / SCP


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CA Spectrum


For some of the devices in Spectrum that have very large configurations using SSH / SCP, Spectrum is unable to capture all the configuration. How can I capture the configurations of these devices?


Need to increase the timeout settings so that entire config can be captured


Release : 10.3.x / 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum App / NCM


In the $SPECROOT/SS/config.xml file


Be sure to switch from the default mindterm libraries to jsch

<ssh-library type="java.lang.String">jsch</ssh-library>

<jsch-read-datawait-mutipler type="java.lang.Integer">32</jsch-read-datawait-mutipler>


Switch from the default mindterm to jsch libaries and increase the jsch-read-datawait, depending on the size of the configuration you may start with 8, then try 16 or 32 if the config fails to capture.

This will allow more time for the entire config to be captured

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