Devices with extremely large configurtion sizes are not being backed up in NCM using SSH / SCP


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CA Spectrum


For some of the devices in Spectrum that have very large configurations using SSH / SCP, Spectrum is unable to capture all the configuration. How can I capture the configurations of these devices?


Need to increase the timeout settings so that entire config can be captured


Release : 10.3.x / 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum App / NCM


Make a backup of the $SPECROOT/NCM/config.xml file

Edit the $SPECROOT/NCM/config.xml file. Look for the following two lines:

    <ssh-library type="java.lang.String">mindterm</ssh-library>
    <jsch-read-datawait type="java.lang.Integer">8</jsch-read-datawait>

Change them to read as follows:

    <ssh-library type="java.lang.String">jsch</ssh-library>
    <jsch-read-datawait type="java.lang.Integer">32</jsch-read-datawait>

Kill the current running ncmservice process. processd will start a new one.

NOTE: mindterm and 8 are the default values for these two parameters. You may have to reapply these changes after an upgrade.

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