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When creating transactions by XOG with future date it is creating empty vouchers


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When creating transactions by XOG with future date it is creating empty vouchers. Can you help us understand why it is happening?

1. Xogged in transaction with future date.

2. Transaction appeared in invalid transactions, transaction date for 2020-11-01.

3. Run Post Transactions to Financial job which does not include the date for transaction created above
  Start Date: 1/1/2020
  To Date: 7/7/2020 (or any date except 2020-11-01)

4. Voucher created empty even after running Post to WIP job.




When transactions are xogged and records remain in Invalid Transactions, each time Post Transactions to Financials runs a separate voucher is created for each transaction in Invalid Transactions.  Records that still remain in Invalid Transactions will have a corresponding blank voucher.  Each time Post Transactions to Financials is run the number of vouchers increases by the number in Invalid Transactions.

This has been reported as DE58877 with fix targeted for 15.9.2


Release : 15.7.1



This is working as designed. We see that the ones that were blank do stay as it will only delete the ones that actually had entries and it is by design as you might still want to enter records into those vouchers. The header should go away if all items are posted in one shot.

Note: Voucher name is not a unique identifier. When Post Transactions to Financial job runs it creates a new record with that name but it would have different internal ID. As that record then Post to WIP it will have different internal ID but the Voucher names can all be the same.

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