VM:Tape PKT003 abend


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CA VM:Tape for z/VM


VM:Tape abended with a PKT003.


VMTAPE 191 minidisk is full.


Release : 2.0

Component : CA VM:Tape for zVM

z/VM 6.4 


To prevent, increase the size of VMTAPE's 191 minidisk.


VMTAPE's 191 is full which caused the PKT003 abend.

An automatic REFRESH was initiated because of a scratch pick failure and when trying to update the PICK files, a disk-full condition was encountered.

As shown in the console:

00:19:58 HIDRO    24FB VMTCMD1246I UNIT 3490E EXPDT 2020/249

00:19:58 HIDRO    24FB VMTPIK0936I Automatic REFRESH initiated due to scratch pick failure.

00:20:00 HIDRO    24FC VMTTMS0079I Total volumes= 50000, VM:Tape volumes= 47264, NONVMTAP volumes= 0, other saved volumes= 0.

00:20:00 HIDRO    24FC VMTTMS0118I There are 2736 scratch and 0 deleted tapes.

DMSERD107S Disk A(191) is full

00:20:03 VMTABN1126S CA VM:Tape system abend PKT003 occurred at 0006E782.