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Knowledge Document - Not possible to delete image from library


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Delete option is not available when a file was uploaded to image repository.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Login with Level 2 Analyst role
2) Click on Knowledge Tab
3) Create a new Knowledge Document
4) Under Resolution section click on Edit Resolution
5) In html editor click on Insert-->Image From Library-->From Library
6) Add an image file by click on Add Files from left side of repository-->chose file and click on upload
7) Image file uploaded
8) Right click on image file 

Delete option is not available


Working as designed.


Release : 17.2



The role to be able to delete a file has to be admin.

We have this condition "<PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.ADMIN" == "1">" ( i.e. list_attmnt.htmpl)

So, as per the current design only roles that are admins are allowed to delete attachments (same for images).

You can try to customize (out of the scope of support ) but not recommended due security reasons and it could be that elsewhere in the code the admin privilege is verified again.