Is it possible to limit access to the CA Service Desk based on Workshift and Access Type?


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It is possible to set an entry calendar by access type for Analysts, such that they can only log into the SDM within the time interval according to a work schedule, and depending on the type of access they have.

If the account [Paul.Contoso] is of Analyst-Level 1 access type, this account can only log into the SDM on the work shift of this type of access, which is Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Release : 17.2

Component : Svc Desk SecurityAuthentication


We really have nothing in our product with that level of restriction.
The only thing that has come to my mind on this topic is user blocking at the AD level as long as the terminal login is done through domain, hence it is possible to restrict employee access not only to SDM but corporate network until your workshift starts.