Jobs are in Skeleton Status in CA 7
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Jobs are in Skeleton Status in CA 7


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CA 7 Workload Automation


How can I check the reason why some of the jobs are found in skeleton status of CA 7 ?

What is the reason why the job cannot attached JCL in CA 7?  Even all skeleton jobs have the correct JCL.


WA CA 7 Edition


When a CA 7 job remains in SKELETON status in the queue, CA 7 could not 'attach' the JCL for that job. 

The JCL is written to the trailer queue when a job record comes into the request queue. 

There can be many different reasons for the failure to attach JCL.  A message is written to the browse dataset (DD name BROWSE usually in CA 7's proc) that will help determine why the JCL could not be attached.

The job needs to be canceled with a FORCE=YES and DEMANDed back in.