How Can I Monitor SpectrumWebTomcat with Application Performance Management (APM)


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CA Spectrum CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


This article outlines how to monitor the SpectrumWebTomcat, when it is installed as a service in Windows, with Application Performance Management (APM)


Because SpectrumWebTomcat is installed as a Windows service, you can not simply edit its catalina.bat file to add the APM startup parameters to the JVM.

You also can not run the $SPECROOT\webtomcat\bin\tomcat9w.exe program to configure the startup parameters as you will get an error saying that "The specified service does not exist as an installed service. Unable to open tomcat9". This error is due to the tomcat9 service being installed with the name SpectrumWebTomcat rather than the default tomcat9.



Spectrum 10.4.x on WIndows

Application Performance Management.


Use the following steps:

.1 Make a copy of the $SPECROOT\webtomcat\bin\tomcat9w.exe file and call it SpectrumWebTomcatw.exe.

2. Execute SpectrumWebTomcatw.exe

3. Go to the Java tab.

4. Add the APM startup parameters for the agent and profile:


5. Click OK

6. Stop and Start the SpectrumWebTomcat service.

Once the service has restarted, check in the APM UI (WebView or Workstation) that the agent is present.