JOBF - Unable to start new file transfer session. Error: 'NetUserGetInfo returned unexpected error 1722'


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A JOBF with relative transfer path failed with following error messages:

20200625/134726.137 - U00011479 FT 'xxxxxxxxxx': Unable to start new file transfer session. Error: 'NetUserGetInfo returned unexpected error 1722'.
20200625/134726.137 - U02000082 The Agent routine 'UCFTXEX ' needs '21.164' second(s) for message 'FTXSEND ', RunID 'xxxxxxxxxx'.

When the path was set to absolute path, the transfer worked as expected.

1. Why ft_omit_user_home is set to 'yes' but NetUserGetInfo was still called?

2. How to troubleshoot this error?


Environment issue, port requirement was not met.


Release : 12.3



1. If the INI-parameter ft_omit_user_home=y is set, the Agent simply does not query the cruical Windows APIs (listed in documentation) in case of local/absolute transfer path(s). Meanwhile, in case of encrypted files or relative path(s), the API functions will still be called to determine the user home.

2. Since the JOBF was designed with relative path, Windows agent must use Windows APIs (NetGetDCName() and NetUserGetInfo()) to determine the user home. The error 1722 was returned when NetUserGetInfo() is called, this is an error returned by a Windows function which indicates an environment problem (possibly network policies).

It is recommended to have network or system admin to do a packet tracing to see if there is any blockage within the network.

Generally, the following requirements are suggested from Microsoft:

Additional Information

In this case, it was later found that port 445 was blocked. Port 445 is associated with (but probably not limited to) SMB,CIFS,SMB2, DFSN, LSARPC, NbtSS, NetLogonR, SamR, SrvSvc.

Another possible required port is 135.