UIM Azure probe & Azure Monitor alerts integration


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We have azure probe for monitoring service bus queues and system resources in azure, we don't have any options in azure probe for monitoring azure app gateway & azure APIM. customer would like to have these things get monitored through azure monitor. Is there anyway we can forward azure monitor alerts to CA UIM , so that they have all the alerts in single console , it would be easy for processing email notifications etc. I see there is an option " Forwarding Azure Alerts" in probe configuration. Will this help in this regard?


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - AZURE


Yes, if you have monitoring enabled in azure monitor for any resource group/servicebus/application gateway those alarms can be forwarded and you can view them on UM/IM console.

Forwarding Azure Alerts

-> Enabling will forward all Azure Alerts from the profiles you configured, -> UIM Alarms.

You can also,

Filter for Azure Alerts

-> Filter on resource group by inputting comma separated values, e.g., resourceGroup1,resourceGroup2