metric values are not being reported by MQMonitor Agent for MQ Manager cluster
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metric values are not being reported by MQMonitor Agent for MQ Manager cluster


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We have an HA active-active MQ Manager cluster - within the cluster we monitor both servers for MQ and Integration Broker (CA Wily Introscope ver.

On one of the monitored nodes for the MQ Agent we see active metrics, while on the other node there are not the same metrics available - there are much fewer.

Please explain such a situation where the "Current Queue Depth" metric is activated on both nodes:

We can see parameter value. ESB|<Hostname>|WebSphere MQ and Message Broker|WebSphere MQ and Message Broker Agent|Queue Managers|<IP-Address>|AMCD02|Queues|ESB_LOG|Status:Current Queue Depth|)

but only on one of the node, the following metrics are visible:

..Status:Dequeue Count, ..Status:Enqueue Count, ..Status:Queue Time (Long Term Avg.) etc.

What are all possible MQ metrics expected from CA Introscope MQ Agent? Is there any documentation available?


Release : 10.7

Component : APM Agents


We found couple of issues here.


APM release is showing that it is Version:

APM release 9.7 is not supported any more. Please review the drop support information.


APM release is showing that it is Version:

The agent log is not showing any information related to the issue we are facing here.

Based on the, it seems like only one instance of the MQ is being monitored with this agent.


Please note that default MQMonitor agent (that you download from support download page; is not aware of MQ Cluster.

You need to monitor each instance of MQ independently.

Please review the following part in our online guide.

Metrics Reference

Please note that only V7.0, 8.0,9.0 of the WebSphere Message Broker are supported with this agent.

Review compatibility guide.

If the WebSphere Message Broker is 10, than there is an extension available on APM extension website.

Review the support note at the bottom of the page.
This above extension is supported by APM community and/or
Support URL