Getting error For Input String "1587789185546 while viewing Agents in Automic Web Interface


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We are getting an error "For Input String "1587789185546" while trying to view the agent in Automic Web Interface.  We tried to update the AWI to 12.1.8, but even after copying the awi.war file in the webapps folder and restarting the tomcat we still see the error with the old version .


Automatic Workload Interface : 12.1.3 HF3

Windows Agent 12.1.8


Problem using new version  windows agent is 12.1.8 on old version AWI 12.1.3 HF3.

For problem importing 12.1.8 which allows to get past the error:
 (1) Backup the old config file. (...\webapps\awi\config\uc4config.xml)

  (2) Delete the old war file (tomcat deletes the app)

  (3) Copy in the new war file (tomcat re-creates the app) from the 12.1.8 patch

  (4) Re-install the config file
While we can get around the issue with the new war file by 12.1.8 patch, please note 12.1 is several releases behind and will be End of maintenance level by September 2020.

Problem using new version  windows agent is 12.1.8 on old version AWI 12.1.3 HF3 is  fixed by upgrading to new version AWI 12.2.1 referenced in provided KB article as well.
It is highly recommended to upgrade to the latest version (12.3.3 as of now) regardless of the issue.