Next Liveupdate Time shows a previous date than the Last Liveupdate Time.


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Endpoint Protection


The Live update Next status date is way in the past and the current status on Live update comes with the latest date. 


Check Scm-server-0.log, if error “THREAD 1 WARNING: StartupServlet> startServer>> LiveUpdate Function is disabled at current server!” present in the log. It means Liveupdate is disabled in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM).

The issue was not resolved even after following the KB article




1) Go to the SEPM installation folder and from there go to tomcat\etc.

2) Under the above folder find for the file and copy the file to a different location for backup.

3) Open file and search for the entry "scm.server.liveupdate.disabled=1" and delete the entry and save the changes.

4) Restart SEPM services

5) Open SEPM console after the restart and make the LiveUpdate schedule as default.(4 hours)

6) Run LiveUpdate from the SEPM console manually and wait until it gets completed.

7) After LiveUpdate session completes check Liveupdate status' next run date and time. It’ll show the actual date and time for the next run.