CA View - Using SARXMS and Receiving "Invalid Password" Message
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CA View - Using SARXMS and Receiving "Invalid Password" Message


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Deliver View


The client is testing a SARXMS VTAM-only task. When they logon using USERID and PASSWORD, message "Invalid Password" is received.

What needs to be done to not receive the message?



Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The client had XMS parameter LGNSEC=YES, which means that only the UserID will be verified via external security.

Though a panel is presented for input of both UserID and Password, having a non-blank password will fail, if external security is not used.

Once in View, the client attempted to retrieve reports that had come to View from CA Deliver, but they were immediately logged out of View.
In that, they found that the started task did not have UPDATE Authority for the Deliver database.