Error while configuring SAML Authentication on DX APM SaaS
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Error while configuring SAML Authentication on DX APM SaaS


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


We attempted to setup SAML authentication for our primary tenant account - LOTS on APM SaaS. But we are receiving the following error after configuring SAML attributes.
Also, we'd reverted the config changes and set the tenant to use local user accounts, but it appears the change was not saved and we are not able to login to the tenant account as of now.

APM Version: SaaS
Error: "SAML Response doesnt include principal(user) identifier."


Release : SAAS

Component : APMAGT


The customer needs to create 'dxi_tenantadmins', 'dxi_powerusers', and 'dxi_users' LDAP groups where they will add users that should be considered TenantAdmin or PowerUser roles. This will allow them to self-service by adding users to the appropriate list. The roles assignment for their tenant will then see if a user is in one of these groups and assign the appropriate DXI role to the user on login.