My Tickets list in Service Point does not show correct status of a Catalog Request
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My Tickets list in Service Point does not show correct status of a Catalog Request


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My Tickets in Service Point, they're not showing correct current status values in the list there.  

If you look at the same request details (by clicking on the request in question) with in Service Point, that has correct status.  Its just the My Tickets list screen shows wrong values.


Release : 17.2



Synchronization is not happening between Catalog -> Search Server, on specific Catalog events.

Troubleshooting: Edit such a request (with in Service Point) and tried to update/save it. Now My Ticket list show correct status. 


Customer was using a custom Action of some sort they have to kick off a PAM process, which creates an SDM ticket.   This process then updates Catalog Request and sets its status to  Ticket Opened.

This event was not kicking of a subsequent Search server sync update event. It was not configured.

So, the solution was to add the "Sync Elastic search for request change rule" like we have on Request Change,  to their Custom Event Actions.

Out of the box we have:
 Home > Administration > Events-Rules-Actions > Request Change > Sync Elastic search for request change rule
 Java Elastic search client for change Java Enabled Y Y Invoke Java program to sync Elastic search server for service request change.

Add a similar rule to any custom actions in Catalog that are changing statuses of Catalog Requests. Retest.