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Event Notification e-mails are not being sent


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


I have events created on fields. There are some events that should fire, but the e-mails are not being received.
THE LOG ITAMEventService.log shows the following error:

2020-05-28 16:02:41,888 UTC [EventService] ERROR CA.Applications.EventService.EventService - The given attribute 'initialdata' was not present in the class 'firedevent'


Release : 17.1

Component : CA Asset Portfolio Management


This could occur if there is an invalid or missing primary e-mail address in the Email Address field in the event.
If the Email address field is invalid, or missing, any Email Copy Address will also not receive the e-mails. This includes valid addresses.
If there is a mapped field in the Email Address, such as Contact Email, and that contact does not have the email field filled in, no emails will be sent.