Issue with masking using RESTART option in FDM - Error dropping restart column for CASDETEST_SQL 


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)




We just found out that when using the RESTART option there is a creation of an index on the column « de_ident_ind ».


Here is a log : 


2020-06-19 15:48:36.606 executing alter table dbo.[CASDETEST_SQL] add de_ident_ind varchar(1) null... 

>2020-06-19 15:48:36.622 executing create index idx_CASDETEST_restart_6adeb177 on dbo.[CASDETEST_SQL] ([de_ident_ind])... 

>2020-06-19 15:48:36.637 Masking will be as follows  


When the scripts run and try to delete then we have an error. 


2020-06-19 15:48:37.656 executing alter table dbo.[CASDETEST_SQL] drop column de_ident_ind... 

2020-06-19 15:48:37.656 Error processing sql alter table dbo.[CASDETEST_SQL] drop column de_ident_ind  2020-06-19 15:48:37.656 Error Code:5074  2020-06-19 15:48:37.656 The index 'idx_CASDETEST_restart_6adeb177' is dependent on column 'de_ident_ind'.  2020-06-19 15:48:37.656 Error dropping restart column for CASDETEST_SQL 


When did you start to add an index on the column. It was not like this before. 


We should not have an index on this column because it slows down the masking.

Version 4.9.29


Yes, we need the option and it should be defaulted to « N » by default.


On some of the database we don’t have the option to add columns or Indexes. The DBA’s created procedures to add the column so we will not have the authorization.


What type of testing did you do before adding the index? Did you see a big improvement ?


Did you test in Oracle the NULL Index ?


Did you look into in Oracle adding a bitmap index ?

We are looking into making it an option with the default behavior not having and index created. This way you will be able to choose to use an index or not.



Release : 4.9

Component : CA Test Data Manager

Resolution resolves this issue.  We introduced new option INDEXRESTARTCOLUMN for controlling if the restart column will be indexed or not (Y means create index for restart column and its default value is N).