Error on removing User Directory
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Error on removing User Directory


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We're running an AdminUI and when we try to delete the User Directory
"My Corporate Active Directory", then the AdminUI doesn't delete it
and it reports in the browser error :

  Failed to execute DeleteUserDirectoryEvent. ERROR MESSAGE:
  SmApiWrappedException:Cannot delete a related
  record. (CA.SM::UserDirectory@0e-1111e111a-0437-1d7e-9c13-cbda0a8360e1
  (My Corporate Active Directory):

How can we fix that ?




AdminUI 12.8SP3 on RedHat 7




This warning is to prevent you to corrupt the Federation Partnership
data which, if it still run without an avaiable User Directory
configuration, the result of the transaction will fail.




As such, you need to de-sactivate the Partnership and remove the User
Directory, and activate back the Partnership.

Unfortunately, it seems there's no other way to do it and you'll need
to plan a down time and do the operation during low traffic affluence.