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Unnecessary API-1007 error on the New UX Project Details tab


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS



1. Administration > Data Administration > Lookups
2. Create a custom static lookup or note any OOTB Static lookup
3. On the project object, create an attribute and link it to the lookup
   Set a default value and mark the Populate NULL values with the Default checkbox
4. Make the attribute available for the Modern UX.
5. On the Modern UX > Administration > Attributes
   Make the attribute secured and enable Access View only
6. On a blueprint > Add a field to the Details tab
7. Open a project that is linked to the blueprint above
8. On the details tab you see the secured attribute with a default value selected.
9. Click on the field value and straight away click outside the field.

Expected results: No errors to be displayed
Actual results: API-1007: You are not authorized to process request. Contact your system administrator for necessary security rights.


Clarity PPM 15.8


This is fixed in 15.8.1

Additional Information

Following warning can be seen on the app-ca.log file:

WARN  2020-07-06 09:38:36,691 [http-nio-80-exec-1763] (clarity:admin:7640761__D9ADE6C6-9275-4C22-8896-D9FA45B4BE22:PPM_REST_API) User admin tried to PUT resource [resource name: projects, resource id: 5043159] but does not have permission.