The Plan of Record (POR) flag is not editable on the Cost Plan properties.


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1. Create a project
2. Enable the project financially:
   Project Properties > Settings > Add the financial Department and Location
3. Go to the Financial Plans tab > Cost Plans
4. Create a New Manual Plan CP1 and click Save
5. On the Cost Plan properties tab, notice that the Plan of Record checkbox is enabled and greyed out.
   This is expected as the ONLY cost plan of the project must be Plan Of Record (POR)
6. Create a second cost plan CP2 and click save
7. On the properties tab, the Plan Of Record flag is editable and can be checked or unchecked. Leve it unchecked
   This is as expected. When multiple plans exist, you can switch the POR flag form one to another.
8. Go to Studio > Objects > Cost Plan object > Views > Cost Plan Properties > Fields
9. Edit the Properties of the Plan of record field and uncheck the Default flag
10. Go to the project financial plans tab and open the CP2 financial plan that is not set as POR

Expected Results: To be able to mark the cost plan as POR
Actual results: The POR flag is read-only and can not be modified


This is caused by DE56114


Any Clarity PPM release


This is currently being analyzed by Engineering

Workaround: On the Financial Plans - Cost Plans list view, select the cost plan you want to set as POR and through the Actions menu, call the Set as Plan of Record action

Additional Information

1. Reset the Default flag we unchecked on step 9
2. Restored the object to defaults
3. Cleared cache
Still the field is read-only