AE upgrade to r11.3.6 SP8 creates a /opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE directory with files


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I'm upgrading from AE r11.3.6 SP7  to r11.3.6 SP8.

My installation root is /opt/CA/r11.3.6.

When I perform the upgrade, most of it goes into /opt/CA/r11.3.6, but the upgrade also creates /opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE that contains ./autosys/bin/as_test and ./autosys/lib/ that are different from the versions of those files that are in /opt/CA/r11.3.6.

What am I supposed to do with what is in /opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE ?


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


The upgrade to 11.3.6 sp8 appears to not honor a custom install directory for one component and as a result a /opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE directory is created and a few files are placed there instead of the desired location.
The files can simply be copied to the correct location afterward and the unwanted directory removed.
The files are: