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How to recover or reset the Virtual Network Assurance MySQL password


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CA Virtual Network Assurance CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Is it possible to recover the Virtual Network Assurance (VNA) MySQL Root Password?

We need it to complete and upgrade and none of the passwords we have on file for this account seem to work.


Forgotten or misplaced complex MySql password for VNA installation.


Release : 3.7

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Performance Management


There is no supported method of resetting the VNA MySql database password.

It is best to ensure the password is maintained in a secure location. It's required for upgrades which will fail without it.

The recommended solution is uninstall and reinstall of VNA. This will result in data loss due to the removal of the existing database.

Additional Information

If this is seen in a production critical VNA installation where data loss is not acceptable, please open a new case with Support for further input.