Rate Matrix Extraction job options explained
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Rate Matrix Extraction job options explained


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How do the different options present on the Rate Matrix Extraction (RME) job work?


Release : All Supported

Component : CA PPM JOBS


Prepare Rate Matrix data

  • This option calculates the rates for the investments which are modified recently if the incremental option is selected otherwise it runs for all the investments and populates a temporary table with the data.

Update Rate Matrix Data

  • This option copies the data from Temp Table in step 1 to NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS which is where the rates are picked up for clarity activities.

Extract Cost and Rate Information for the Scheduler

  • Specifies extracting cost and rate information for a desktop scheduler. This field is a flag that triggers the job to generate resource rates for an investment that include rates prior to the start and after the finish date of the investment. If not using scheduler it can be left unchecked.

Team Rates Only

  • If this option is NOT selected, then the job populates all the rates pertaining to the team and task assignments. If this option is selected, the job populates the rates related ONLY to the team. It does not extract task assignment rates.
  • Note: if a change is made on the Rate Matrix i.e. editing a rate or adding a new row then the incremental load functions as a full load.

Additional Information

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