How to disable Reboot Dialog which appears after patch installation ?
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How to disable Reboot Dialog which appears after patch installation ?


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How to disable Reboot Dialog which appears after patch installation ?


Release : 1402



Disable the CAF dialog using configuration policy .

ITCM Explorer ----> Control panel -----> Configuration ---> Configuration policy ----> Default Configuration policy ----> DSM ---> Right click and unseal ----> Expand DSM----> Common components -----> CAF ----> General Settings. Please go through the parameter section below.

Change the Above Setting to False. 

Additional Information regarding this dialog:

CAF Dialog: Enable dialog Specifies whether a reboot/logoff countdown dialog is displayed. If this policy is set to True, the countdown dialog is displayed, letting the user do one of the following: Defer, or postpone, the reboot/logoff a set number of times Cancel the reboot/logoff Reboot or log off immediately, whichever is appropriate Depending on which buttons are enabled, focus is initially set in order of preference to Defer (or Postpone), Cancel, and then Reboot Now or Logoff Now. When the Defer button is clicked, it becomes disabled if the maximum number of deferrals has been reached, and focus is then set to Cancel, or if this button is also disabled, to Reboot Now or Logoff Now. Note: All three buttons have accelerators, or "hot keys," in Windows and Linux. The current English hot keys are:+c for Cancel,+d for Defer, and+n for Reboot Now/Logoff Now.If set to False, CAF reboots immediately and no countdown takes place. A value of False is useful on specialized hardware that may not allow user interaction with a dialog. Default: True CAF Dialog: Hide dialog on defer If a reboot or logoff is ordered by Software Delivery, Remote Control, or some other application or component, displays a reboot/logoff dialog that provides a countdown and a Postpone button, permitting the user to defer the operation for short time. If this policy is set to True, the dialog is hidden when the Postpone button is clicked. Default: False CAF Dialog: Reappearance time If the CAF Dialog: Hide on defer policy is enabled, specifies the number of seconds before the reboot or logoff operation begins, at which time the reboot/logoff countdown dialog reappears. Default: 60