Does upgrading to NetOps r20.2 from Performance Management r3.7.x releases require a Data Repository upgrade


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When upgrading from the DX NetOps Performance Management r3.7.x releases to the latest NetOps r20.2 release, is an upgrade to the Data Repository required?


Release : 3.7

Component : CA Performance Center


The Data Repository implementation of Vertica in NetOps r20.2 uses Vertica release 9.1.1-5.

All DX NetOps Performance Management r3.7.x releases use Vertica release 9.1.1-5.

There is no upgrade required for the Data Repository servers when upgrading the r3.7.x releases to NetOps r20.2.

There is no requirement to run the script, nor really any need to do so.

There is no requirement to run the script. It's worth running to be sure nothing in the nodes config has changed or needs to be set differently but isn't required.

The main caveat is related to the scripts written to (default path) /opt/CA/IMDataRepository_vertica9/. The scripts present there, such as those used for Disaster Recovery functions, are written there by running the installDR.bin.

How do we know if those scripts have been changed?

  • Defect fixes submitted by customers are listed in the Fixed Issues documentation page.
    • Note that the entries there are ONLY customer found/reported defects. Any found internally aren't listed externally.
    • r3.7.x releases:
    • 20.2 release:
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    • r3.7.x releases:
    • 20.2 release:

The main point is there may be changes in the scripts not documented externally.

If those scripts are being used, or will need to be used, run the installDR.bin. That will just extract new updated copies to (default path) /opt/CA/IMDataRepository_vertica9/.

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