CA IDM DB CleanUp/TaskPersistence Job Concerns
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CA IDM DB CleanUp/TaskPersistence Job Concerns


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We are having some DB Taskpersistence cleanup job concerns from DB team for PROD environment so we would like to setup webex meeting to discuss these details, we need person from CA who can provide the solutions related to DB taskpersistant jobs and other cleanups for IDM. 

Please let us know the availability so will schedule Webex meeting accordingly. 


Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


we need the customer to change back the OOTB scripts for the version of IM that they have in place.

I am asking to edit this script:


found at 


Keeping only the references to the garbage collections scripts, then run this in dev. If all successful promote this up through the environments. Any technical issues with this and to open a support ticket referencing this case.

After this, we can then, with DB admin's help identify what indexes need to be created for FedEx. then promote that change through the environments and record if further tuning is needed after.

The current workaround to truncate tables as needed from the database is still the only valid workaround.