SV: Enterprise dashboard issue


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Service Virtualization


We tried to generate ED metrics report for the May month, The power user count is not updated after May 16th till May 31st. We could see the ED database is also not updated with data after May 16th. After the restart we could see the missing data is updated in the database.


But we would like to have a discussion to get the following clarifications

  • Identifying the root cause for this issue and dradis cache details.
  • Clarification regarding why the Enterprise dashboard UI is hung sometimes and not reflecting the latest data.
  • Clarification regarding Enterprise Dashboard memory allocation.



Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


It seems the customer is only encountering problem with Classic SV only when it comes to Power user Count. OSE is working fine. Moreover, based on the below error of GC Overhead, my suggestion would be to increase the heap size for ED and see if the ED is able to show the latest data in UI.

In the lisa installation folder, look for a folder named bin. Inside bin, there is EnterpriseDashboardService.vmoptions, in which the heap size can be specified. Current maximum heap size being used is 640MB. We need to increase it.