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Boolean field changes not saved on the Entity Fiscal Time Period properties view


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Not able to Edit Boolean attribute in Edit layout in Fiscal periods under Setup


  1. Go to Studio > Objects > Fiscal Time Period object
  2. Go to the Attributes list
  3. Create a boolean field My_boolean
  4. On the Views tab, add it to both "Fiscal Time Periods Properties" and "Time Period List" views
  5. Go to Administration > Finance > Setup > Entities
  6. Open the entity present
  7. Go to Fiscal Time Periods
  8. On the list view you see the My_boolean field
  9. Check or check and save the changes. This is fine
  10. Open one of the fiscal time periods
  11. On the properties view, you see the boolean field too
  12. Check the field and click save

Expected Results: The changes done to the field to be saved
Actual Results: No changes are saved. It reverts back to the original state


This is caused by DE56062


Clarity 15.9.1


This is fixed in 15.9.2

Workaround: Edit and save the changes on the list view instead of the properties view