List view Inline Edit for some lookups render as pull-down display type when it should render as browse display type


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1. Login to Clarity as an administrator user
2. Administration, Studio: Objects, Idea, Views
3. Idea Properties, [Layout:Edit]
    Check or add the following lookups to the Edit Layout view
    Idea Type (from PMO)
    Idea Category (from PMO)
    Idea Priority
    Manager (stock)
    create some user-defined lookups if desired and add to layout
4. Idea Properties, [Fields]
    Go into each Lookup and configure the Display Type = Browse
5. Idea List, [Layout]
    Add the lookups to the list view
6. Idea List, [Fields]
    Note the list of fields shows lookups with Display type = Text
    Go into each lookup field properties ; no way to change configuration
7. Home > Ideas List view
    click into cells and see how some lookups are pull-down,
    some lookups are browse
8. Tested with Project Object ; inconsistent here too
    Seems Manager lookup is ok
9. Added some of the lookups to Filter Section ; we can configure the
    display type to be 'pull-down' or 'browse'.

Expected Results: All lookups configured with display type = browse should render as browse on list view inline edit
Actual Results: Some lookups are rendered as pull-down display type


This was analyzed by Engineering through CLRT-72321


Lookups on list views are NOT respecting list view configuration nor the properties view configuration. 
They are just rendered as pull-down for static lookups, and as browse if dynamic.
By default dynamic lookups are browse, static are drop down. This is by design