DUAS: Getting Aborted Uproc emails for Completed Jobs
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DUAS: Getting Aborted Uproc emails for Completed Jobs


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We are receiving aborted emails for the sessions which aren't failing.

We are getting the aborted notifications even after disabling the task of the sessions.

The weird part is that we even receive the notifications from the node even after stopping the Dollar Universe Node.

The notifications dint stop even after removing the SMTP server details in the node settings. 



Release : 6.x



A clone (snapshot) of the same Server was running at the same time in another Cloud Environment with Dollar Universe Application Started and Jobs were failing generating the Aborted  Emails.


In order to troubleshoot this kind of issues, you should reach out to your System / Infrastructure Team and check the Email Headers to detect where the emails are coming from, you will realize that the IP address it not the same as the emails sent from the real production Server.

If that is the case, you should first check with your Network / Infrastructure / Systems Teams that the Server has not been cloned and started somewhere else with all the Applications Started at the same time than the live Production Server.