How to Download PTF from the Broadcom SupportOnline Portal


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How to download Mainframe product PTFs from the SupportOnline portal.



Release : 1.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


Building and Downloading Mainframe PTF Solution Carts

It is recommended to use SMP/E Receive Order to submit requests for PTFs and HOLDDATA to a remote server.   The packages are automatically downloaded to your mainframe system. Please find these instructions to configure SMP/E CA Internet Service Retrieval.    

The following steps are required to create a package that can contains required PTF solutions to install using SMP/E.  

  1. Select Download Management / Solution List for a given product
  2. Use search filters to find PTF solutions.
  3. Select DATE since last solution applied and click SEARCH
  4. Select ADD ALL TO CART or add to cart individually.
  5. If ADD ALL TO CART is utilized, the solution cart will contain all solutions since the date selected.  After all solutions have been selected, Select CART on the toolbar.
  6. For mainframe products, you will be prompted to build a PTF package that has dependent solutions.   To limit the number of PTFs included in the ZIP file, select the GEN level that you installed.   Then select Checkout
  7. If the build of a complete PTF chain is not available it is recommended that you ADD all solutions to the CART.   It is not recommended that any solutions are deleted from the CART as this can cause the installation to fail.   Only use the Delete to remove any solutions that you know are not required.  Use CHECKOUT to create the ZIP file.
  8. The download solution cart ZIP file directly to the mainframe and UNZIP the solutions into a USS directory.   Please refer to the CAUNZIP procedures.  
  9. For more details on how to download HOLDDATA, please refer to the Holddata procedures.