vertica_agent.service (Vertica management agent) on Data Repository hosts


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What is the "vertica_agent.service" daemon that might be running on the CA Performance Management Data Repository (DR) hosts.


Need to understand what the "vertica_agent" service is used for on Data Repository hosts.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Data Storage


The vertica_agent service is only used by the Vertica Management Console (MC) agent, which is not installed by default with Data Repository.

Data Repository does not use the Management Console feature generally.  

So, unless needed to use the Management Console feature for additional management purposes, it is recommended to disable this service on DR hosts:

systemctl stop vertica_agent.service
systemctl disable vertica_agent.service

This service may get turned back on after upgrades of Vertica database, so might need to be disabled again after an upgrade.


Additional Information

More information on this agent can be found at this Vertica link: