DADSPLUS Batch job getting message: DADEX001 RESP=0088, RESP2=0608, ABCODE=  


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Batch job receiving messages:

DADEX001 LINK      ERROR: APPLID=DHIPK255, PROG=DADSBI2                         
DADEX001 RESP=0088, RESP2=0608, ABCODE=                                         
DADEX001 MSG=Logon to IRP failed.  Refer to the CICS External Interfaces guide f
DADEX001     or more information on the SUBREASON1 and SUBREASON2 fields.   

DADS returning a DADEX001 RESP=0088, RESP2=0608 which translates to 
Condition (RESP) LINKERR (88)
                  RESP2 608 Connect to IRP failed




Release : 4.0

Component : CA DADS Plus


Possible cause the DFHIRP program had been dynamically added to LPA causing DADS not to know about the new version of the program, hence, the error.
Workaround -

Changed DASD option from HPO=EXCI to HPO=NO on the DADB/pf12 screen.
Lowered scan interval from 300 to 20.
Then did a DADB/P and DADB/S to stop and restart the DADB transaction.
This can be done on all CICS regions affected, and no need to restart CICS.



Additional Information

Here is the link to IBM manual :

I also have found this by searching on 'Logon to IRP failed' and this suggests to me that you may be having a security problem: