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Discovered items are Filtered and Not Polled in Performance Management Data Aggregator


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I have configured to set priority grouping for High Speed Interface and Cisco Interface Vendor Certifications in order to poll Queue Drop data for Cisco devices.

We see both Vendor Certifications supported from the same Metric Family.

The High Speed Interface Vendor Certification shows Active Polled items.
But the Cisco Interface Vendor Certification shows its Discovered Items as Filtered and Not Polled.


The Filter created against the Interface Metric Family, at the Monitoring Profile level, is being applied to all Vendor Certifications associated to the device via the Metric Family.

It uses the Alias as a part of the Filter criteria. If any Filter criteria values are empty/blank/missing, they'll not be considered for the Active/Polled state. As a result they'd be automatically set to the Filtered/Not-Polled state.

The Cisco Interface Vendor Certification does not collect the ifAlias and set the item Alias. As a result it's items will be set to Filtered/Not-Polled when a Metric Family Filter is set at the Monitoring Profile level and uses the Alias value for Filter criteria.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


Modify the Cisco Interface Vendor Certification extension to set the Alias value via the ifAlias MIB OID value. In this case we simply copy the details used in the High Speed Interface Vendor Certification and use it in the extension for the Cisco Interface Vendor Certification.

This solution applies to other scenarios like this, just edit the extension for the related Vendor Certification as needed.

The extension set on the extension for the Cisco Interface Vendor Certification to resolve this is as follows. Use a PUT against it's typecatalog URL to implement the changes.

<DataModel xmlns:xsi="" namespace="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="SNMPCertificationFacet.xsd">
<FacetType name="CiscoPortMib" descriptorClass="">
<FacetOf namespace="" name="Item"/>
<AttributeGroup name="ifTableGroup" external="true" list="true">
<Attribute name="ifAlias" type="OctetString">
<ExpressionGroup destCert="{}NormalizedPortInfo" name="CiscoInterfaceDS">
<Expression destAttr="Alias">ifAlias</Expression>

Additional Information

NOTE: If your Filter considers ifAdminStatus and/or ifOperStatus, ensure via DA:8581/rest/ports/<ID> that the correct values are set on a Filtered/Not-Polled item. The related Vendor Certification may need further extension to include those OIDs as well for the Filter to work, same as done for ifAlias.

Configure Monitoring Profiles documentation which discusses Monitoring Profile Filtering configuration

Create or Extend Vendor Certifications documentation