Error applying Netmaster PTF to a PDSE IEC036I 002-AC,IGC0005E
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Error applying Netmaster PTF to a PDSE IEC036I 002-AC,IGC0005E


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Customer trying to APPLY PTF to CC2DVSMI, which is a PDSE. 

Error messages

IEC036I 002-AC,IGC0005E,A0006022,JS010,CC2DVSMI,188E,H1SY21,  392    
IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT  393                                     
SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=002  REASON CODE=000000AC                     
 TIME=09.14.57  SEQ=00526  CPU=0000  ASID=006B                       
 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  075C1000   80DF9A46  ILC 2  INTC 0D           
   ACTIVE MODULE           ADDRESS=00000000_00DF7000  OFFSET=00002A46
   DATA AT PSW  00DF9A40 - 41003038  0A0DB20A  00509808              
   AR/GR 0: 009C17A0/00DF9C54   1: 00000000/A4002000                 
         2: 00000000/002C5DF4   3: 00000000/00DF9C1C                 
         4: 00000000/009B2218   5: 00000000/009FFCA0                 
         6: 00000000/009B24BC   7: 00000000/FFFFFF74                 
         8: 00000000/009B24DC   9: 00000000/009B2EC0                 
         A: 00000000/00F90310   B: 00000000/00DF96D2                 
         C: 00000000/898FAA20   D: 00000000/7F5CCCE8                 
         E: 00000000/00DF96D2   F: 00000000/000000AC                 


Release : 12.1 and higher

Component : CA NetMaster Suite


There are multiple potential solutions.
1. Re-run the job in at a later time and see if it works

2. REJECT the PTF from SMP. Re-download the PTF and redo the RECEIVE/APPLY

3. Create a new PDSE and use TSO 3.4 or IEBCOPY to move content to the new PDSE.
    Rename the files to use the new one in your SMP job and try the APPLY again

4. Create new PDS and use IEBCOPY to move the members from the old PDSE to the new PDS.
    Rename the files and try the APPLY with the PDS.
    NOTE: file format of the members is converted when going from PDS to PDSE or vice versa so retain the original 
                dataset until you are sure everything is working.
                See also IBM doc on CONVERTING PDSE'S TO PDS AND BACK

Additional Information

If the product was installed with CSM, files are generated as PDSE, while the Install utility will generate a PDS.
Both are acceptable. Changing a library from PDSE to PDS does not negatively impact further processing in either CSM or when using batchjobs, but ensuring the PDS is sized large enough and has ample directory blocks is important.

If you are having problems with ACCEPT processing, see KB 244339