Flowdock: Users getting Login Failed when using Rally's SSO for Flowdock login


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CA Flowdock


Flowdock users who are relying on Rally's SSO to login (Login Using CA Agile Central) to Flowdock may get Login Failed.


Release : 1.0

Component : System Adapter - Component of CA-CIS VSE


  • Flowdock email address must match Rally email address (not Username) including upper/lower case.
  • In order to utilize Rally's SSO to login to Flowdock, the user should be logged into Rally, Or 
  • The subscription should be setup with the correct SSO URL and have Redirect option checked.
    • Then the user will click Login using CA Agile Central and enters their Flowdock ID (email address - in the same case that it was setup and matches Rally email address)

Additional Information

Some customers don't have Redirect enabled.  Before they click that option, verify that their SSO URL is correct - from PingFederate or Okta.