MySQL script to create all the missing initial outages
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MySQL script to create all the missing initial outages


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CA Spectrum


The number of devices in the JasperReports Availability report do not match with the number of device in Global Collection.


CA Spectrum 10.3.x


The initial outage is missing for some models, hence they are not displayed in the JasperReports Availability Group report


Run the attached sql file in the SRM machine. This should create all the missing initial outages. The initial outages should be present for all the models which are present in modeloutage table.

1.Please take the SRM complete dump/backup before running the below script. So that we can roll back for any uncertain issues as the below sql file may take some time depending upon the size of tables and overall mysql performance.

2.Do not stop or kill the script while it is running.

3.Stop the SRM tomcat server.

4. Run the script:

$SPECROOT/mysql/bin/mysql -uroot -proot reporting< PATH_OF_SQL_FILE

eg: /c/win32app/Spectrum/mysql/bin/mysql -uroot -proot reporting < /c/win32app/Spectrum/generate_initial_outages.sql

Additional Information

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