websphere probe MCS template becomes grayed out in USM after a few minutes
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websphere probe MCS template becomes grayed out in USM after a few minutes


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


websphere MCS template appears grayed out and is NOT selectable.

"Profile Type unavailable because the websphere probe is not in the local archive, does not have a valid license, or is missing other dependencies."



Release: UIM 9.02, 9.04 or 9.20

Component: UIM - WEBSPHERE

- websphere probe v1.82

- websphere_mcs_template v1.82/1.82.1


- missing dependency


- websphere probe has a dependency on the jre_zlinux package when using the websphere_mcs_template. It needs to be in the local archive before deployment of the websphere probe and template, for it to function correctly. If you've already deployed the websphere probe and the websphere_mcs_template, you should be able to simply download the jre_zlinux package into the local archive and refresh UMP.

- Download the jre_zlinux 1.71 package from support.nimsoft.com, http://support.nimsoft.com/Files/Archive/00312/jre_zlinux-1_71.zip

- Import the jre_zlinux package into the local archive on your Primary hub.

Despite the fact that you may not be running the probe on zLinux, that is one of the jre related dependencies for the websphere probe as documented in the websphere Help doc pre-requisites.


Then run the following query to check the package (normally just deploying the probe should work as long as the pre-reqs dependencies exist in the archive).

     select * from SSRV2template where templateName like 'Websphere%' and version like '1.82%'

If the pkg_available column still shows as 0, (unavailable), then run the next query:

     update SSRV2template set pkg_available = 1 where templateName like 'Websphere%' and version like '1.82%'

Refresh UMP or logout and log back in again.

Check the template. Check again after 10 minutes or so to confirm its still working.

Now the websphere MCS template should work as expected and remain persistent and no longer display as 'grayed out.'


Note that the websphere profile(s) only works as expected when it is applied to a machine running the websphere probe.