New UX my timesheet page errors out with CMN-0007: Attribute PRUID is required
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New UX my timesheet page errors out with CMN-0007: Attribute PRUID is required


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


1. Users not able to submit time in New UX

error "com.niku.union.odf.exception.ODFValidationException: CMN-0007: Attribute 'pruid' is required."


2. The timeslice job fails (Key indication of the problem)

When the timeslicing job fails it is noted that only the DAILYRESOURCETIMECURVE slice not getting updated and the bg log catches the following exception:

Dispatch Time Slicing : bg@xxx (tenant=clarity)] niku.blobcrack (clarity:casupport:xxxx:Time Slicing) Exception during blobcrack processjava.lang.NullPointerException


Release : 15.7.1



The cause of the issue is internal defect : CASUP-589.


Faulty null PRIDs found in the PRTIMEENTRY table is the primary cause of the issue. These faulty time entry id's in the system is noticed to have both prid and pruid as NULL. As per investigations it is suspected that the same would have been populated by an external interface or code, as Clarity PPM always generates a PRID/PRUID.

SQL used for listing faulty PRIDs:-

select * from prtimeentry where prid is null order by incident_id;

The SQL delete  statements to remove the faulty PRIDS would be part of the troubleshooting course taken as per defect CASUP-589. If the indications of the issue is same as described here then please contact support for further steps.



Additional Information

The source of the faulty PRIDS still remains a mystery and will be investigated during future occurrences of he issue. If the same was submitted via the timesheet UI then the IDs should been generated and not logged as NULL. It is generally advised to not update the prtimeentry table directly or through interfaces.