CA Deliver - Not seeing bundles under Active Bundles Option


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The client is testing a new installation of CA Deliver, and is not seeing anything listed in the Active Bundles.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


The client reported that there were no entries in the "Active Bundles List", for a bundle in question.

For the related Deliver Distribution ID in question, there was an "Out" field of "N", meaning no print was to take place.

For the Deliver Bundle List, there was nothing defined, so there was no bundle for the report to go to.

Had the client:

. For the Distribution ID, set the "Out" field to "Y".
. Define a Bundle
. For the Report Definition, use command "B", for the list of associated Bundles.
. Add the new Bundle name to the list of bundles.

As a result of the direct above, a bundle was produced and was sent to the intended Distribution ID.