Perfmon metrics being deactivated by the activation of other metrics
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Perfmon metrics being deactivated by the activation of other metrics


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE DX Application Performance Management


One of our clients would like to have exchange Perfmon metrics monitored. I am able to get the majority of them setup with APM, but, the activation of certain metrics leads to the deactivation of others.

The client would like to have the metrics from here:

When the MSExchange WorkloadManagement Workloads metrics are activated in the client's Agent.Profile document, the following metrics become inactive in the Investigator:
ASP.NET, ASP.NET Applicatoins, MSExchange ADAccess Processes, MSExchange Active Manager, MSExchangeAutodiscover, Network Interface

When the MSExchange ActiveSync metrics are activated, the following are deactivated in the Investigator:
ASP.NET, ASP.NET Applicatoins, MSExchangeAutodiscover

When the Netlogon metrics are activated, they do not show up in the Investigator. They however do not deactivate any other metric

Also, when the MSExchange WorkloadManagement Workloads metrics are deactivated, they will disappear in the investigator (which is good), but if choosing the 'show inactive metrics', they will show up, even though they are commented out on the agent.profile document. They are still inactive. I just want to know if this is due to historical metrics, or if it should not show up at all?


Release : 10.5 (also will affect 10.7 and higher)

Component : APM Agents


Two resolutions for this.

1. The metric count screenshot showed the Perfmon metric count at 1000, which is the default Perfmon metric limit.  Increasing the below fixed the clamping issue.  Note, no clamping messages were found in the Perfmon Agent log, so we had to check the metric count pie chart in the Investigator.




2. The log showed the Perfmon metric limit being increased to 2000, but the Netlogon Perfmon counters needed to have instance specification, e.g. for the "_Total" instance, please try specifying the Perfmon metric filter similar to below:

introscope.agent.perfmon.metric.filterPattern=|Netlogon|_Total|Average Semaphore Hold Time,\

|Netlogon|_Total|Semaphore Waiters,\

|Netlogon|_Total|Semaphore Holders,\

|Netlogon|_Total|Semaphore Acquires,\

|Netlogon|_Total|Semaphore Timeouts

Additional Information

The client has the following in the Agent.profile document:

|Netlogon|Semaphore Waiters,\

|Netlogon|Semaphore Holders,\

|Netlogon|Semaphore Acquires,\

|Netlogon|Semaphore Timeouts,\

|Netlogon|Average Semaphore Hold Time


Also the ,\ line separator for the property introscope.agent.perfmon.metric.filterPattern will not affect the Agent parsing the values.