VSE Service Under Stress - Services Hung


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CLOUDTEST CA Application Test CA Cloud Test Mobile MOBILECLOUD Service Virtualization


1. We created a couple of service using the same swagger, but got unsupported protocol error for one copy of the service while editing and deleting. 

2. One other person got issue with Portal and VSE while editing and services are hung. We recycled all the DevTest components to bring the environment back up. 




Need to increase memory on Registry and Portal.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


* DevTest 10.6.0
* Windows 2016 Server
* Oracle 18c
* Components all on the same machine
* DevTest patches applied: patch_DE462614_10.6.0_GA.jar


1. Brought down Registry and Portal
2. Cleared lisatmp_10.6.0 folder
3. Cleared folder DEVTEST_HOME\vsBuilderSessions\VSE_2013
4. Verified both RegistryService.vmoptions and PortalService.vmoptions have these heap sizes:
5. Started Registry and Portal.

Issue resolved.