Spectrum 10.4.0 Tomcat is running out of memory.
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Spectrum 10.4.0 Tomcat is running out of memory.


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CA Spectrum


When Spectrum and Performance Center (CAPM) are integrated, the Spectrum Tomcat process may run out of memory.  The hprof file will show GCSubscriber as a leak suspect, and there will be thousands of restful subscriptions for the connection to CAPM.


Release : 10.4.0

Component : Spectrum Integrations


CAPM has a timeout value of 100 seconds for the subscription request to be returned.  The subscription request comes into Spectrum, Spectrum generates the subscription ID, runs the request, and sends the subscription ID response after it completes processing the data.  The problem is that there was so much data to process, it took longer than 100 seconds.  The subscription would timeout on the PM side and not send a proper Delete for the subscription.  The next time a request was made (about 3 minutes later) a new subscription was created.  The old subscriptions still exist in tomcat memory.  This cycle eventually runs tomcat out of memory.


Spectrum Engineering has built the following patch to resolve this issue.


Please contact Spectrum support for a copy of this patch.

Additional Information

NOTE: This patch has been built on top of the Spectrum_10.04.00.BMP_10.4.001 patch. This patch will need to be installed first, before applying Spectrum_10.04.00.PTF_10.4.016.