DU: XA Lines not correctly purged from u_fmev60 in HDP remote conditions


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


The u_fmev60.dta file from a Central Node that submits many jobs via Sessions containing HDP towards remote nodes contains a lot of XA lines regarding these HDP sessions.

This provokes the Launcher to slowly reduce its performances impacting the Job Submissions.

The expected behavior would be that the number of XA lines that are contained on the u_fmev60.dta file is equal to the total number of Local or Remote Uprocs that are waiting for a Job Event.

As soon as the Job Event matches the expected Status, the XA line should be removed on both the central and the execution node. On this case, it would only be deleted from the execution node.


Incorrect purge of XA lines from u_fmev60.dta in central node in case of HDP dependencies.


Release : 6.10



Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Application.Server
Dollar Universe 6.10.41 - Released 15th July 2020

Additional Information

In order to purge the lines from the existing file u_fmev60.dta a tool has been included in the 6.10.41 and superior kits that will allow to purge the unnecessary XA records from the file.

Instructions of the tool uxpurevt:

uxpurevt [app|int|sim|exp] [simulate] [help] date

The uxpurevt Dollar Universe utility purges records from the u_fmev60 file according to some criteria.
Dollar Universe must be stopped before running this utility.
The Dollar Universe reorganization (unireorg) must be run afterwards to reduce file size.

The default behavior can be changed with the command arguments.

The working area. If not specified, EXP is used.

date (Mandatory)
Specifies the threshold date (yyyymmdd). Only records that have their latest modification date anterior to the specified date are candidate for purge.

Does not perform the records purge.
By default, records matching criteria are deleted.

Display this help.