SAM: Parallelization Error during Check Installation
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SAM: Parallelization Error during Check Installation


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CA Software Asset Manager (CA SAM)


During the install of CA SAM, at the step in which the Check Install is taking place, the following scenario may arise on the step "requirements for parallel processing", as seen on the Check Install Web GUI as well as the check_installation_web_XXXX.log and the files that are located in the SAM Install \app\uploads\<TAG>\logs directory:

producer->assert_handshake(): failed. error: Handshake with consumers failed because only 0 of 2 consumers did send an acknowledgement

Debug backtrace (exception):
    [0] => Array
            [file] => C:\Program Files\ca\Sam\app\includes\prod\st\parallel\



CA SAM 4.4 and higher


Issue appears to present on select SAM installations in which additional security changes were applied which may prevent PHP and IIS based applications from certain accesses to the underlying filesystem.


Workaround is to disable parallel processing.  Parallel processing is not required for SAM functionality, but may offer a performance improvement under certain conditions if it is enabled.

To disable, access the config.ini located in the SAM install directory, under \app\includes\<TAG>\st

Locate the line "ipc_mode" and change the line setting from "fs" to "off".

; possible values:
; "fs": filesystem (default)
; "mq": ZeroMQ, requires availability of php extension, the use is deprecated
; "off": disable parallelization, use sequential processing
ipc_mode = off

Save the config.ini file, then restart IIS.

Subsequent run of check install on SAM will be successful: