Client Automation - Why Query Name like USDSYS are created when importing a SD Package ?


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When a SD package is imported, Some queries like 
USD-<package name><package version>: <procedure name>USDSYS_<number> 
are created.
Why ?
Example :



These queries are automatically created if :
1- Imported package has a procedure with Query in Prerequisite tab
2- A query with same name already exists in database but the UUID is not the same
In this case, a new query is automatically created with a generic name :
USD-<package name><package version>: <procedure name>USDSYS_<number> 
Example :
- On a Domain A, a package "CMD 4.0" has a procedure inst with the query "UPM-Blacklist" in Prerequisites
- This package is exported and the file reginfo\itemproc.dat contains the query name and its UUID for the procedure inst
UUID = A36041F6-3618-4EAB-B010-29EC8382C7DF
Title = UPM-Blacklist
- On Domain B, the query "UPM-Blacklist" already exists but the UUID is not the same.
When package "CMD 4.0" is imported, query "USD-CMD 4.0: instUSDSYS_1" is automatically created and assigned as prerequisites of procedure :


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Manual Method :

1- On Domain where SD package should be imported execute following SQL Query to find the new UUID for the Query :
SELECT convert(uniqueidentifier,query_uuid) FROM ca_query_def WHERE label='<query_name>'
Example :
SELECT convert(uniqueidentifier,query_uuid) FROM ca_query_def WHERE label='UPM-Blacklist'
2- Replace the UUID found in file reginfo\itemproc.dat in section [Prereq*] of procedure

Automatic Method :

1- Copy the attached file Export_package_query.dms on Domain Manager
2- Open a command prompt with Administrative privileges and execute this command :
START /WAIT dmscript Export_package_query.dms "<path_exported_package"
or if logged user has not enough rights in SQL Server
START /WAIT dmscript Export_package_query.dms "<path_exported_package" sqluser sqlpassword
Example :
START /WAIT dmscript Export_package_query.dms "C:\TEMP\CMD 4.0"
START /WAIT dmscript Export_package_query.dms "C:\TEMP\CMD 4.0" ca_itrm NOT_changedR11
This script generates a log under C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\logs\Export_package_query.log

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